Cheap Turf: Everything You Need to Know About Buying Turf on a Budget

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Cheap turf

We sat down with the guys at A View Turf and asked the hard questions that we think every warm-blooded Australian searching for the best value for money turf should know the answers to.

Here are their answers…

Q. Why are some turfs cheaper than others?

A. You get what you pay for. Turf price is directly related to quality and maintenance.

If you cut corners on quality to save a few dollars you will pay for it in quality and maintenance.

Cheaper turf has a much higher maintenance ratio meaning daily mowing, constant weeding and more frequent fertilising is needed for it to survive.

Low quality inexpensive turf is also less tolerance to wear and traffic which means less play time for the kids outside and definitely no rolling around on the grass for the dog.

Cheaper quality turf also has less shade tolerance and a higher susceptibility to disease.

Q. What is the main difference between a cheap turf and an expensive turf?

A.Your more expensive lawn will have a higher tolerance and wear factor. Your more expensive lawns require minimal maintenance when it comes to watering, mowing and general care.

A quality turf is also more resistant to disease and, in the winter months, to weeds. Lawns like you Matilda Buffalo breed will also retain their colour in winter giving you a year round green.

Q. Which varieties are the best value for money and why?

A. There are 3 turf varieties that really stand out when it comes to value for money.

There are several tolerance indicators that make them really stand.

These breeds are more tolerant to:

Varieties like the Matilda are also self-repairing, softer and have a lush manicured look.

If that is not enough to convince you, Matilda will also retain its colour best through the winter months making it superior over all other varieties of Buffalos.

Armed with this expert knowledge you can now go forward with confidence and have that front lawn looking fabulous without breaking the budget.



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