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How Do Weeds Spread?

Understanding how weeds spread is an important part of knowing how to control them:
Some types of weeds require treatment at certain times of the year, while others can be treated at any time. Some require only spot-treatments, and some require whole yard treatment.

Safety & Tips

It’s important to keep yourself safe while treating weeds:
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Types of Weeds
  • Thrives in dry conditions
  • Usually during Winter & Early Spring
  • Kikuyu and Couch are higher risks due to their dry preference
  • Easily treated with Broad Leaf Weeder & Feeder
  • Some treatments affect Buffalo lawns, so read the description
  • Extremely difficult to control
  • Thrives on waterlogged soil
  • Indicates poor soil drainage, irrigation leak or over-watering
  • Can tolerate harsh conditions once established
  • Produced tubers 8-14 inches underground
  • Best treatment involves removing roots and tubers completely
  • Glyphosate-based can be used, ensure it’s only applied to the weed itself
  • Can require second treatment
  • Course Leaf grass with deep root system
  • Summer time weed
  • Can be treated with Paskill
  • Common in sandy soils throughout coastal regions

Weed Treatment Pictures

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