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Before you start your site preparation, it is necessary to remove any weeds and old Grass.
This can be done by with either treating the area with round up, Glyphosate or Zero weed spray.
When used according to the directions, theses products will kill existing weeds and grass.
Theses herbicides do not kill seeds in the soil that may germinate later.
Remember to wear suitable protective clothing and take care not to spray near gardens or allow the spray to drift onto them.

Our DYI video will give you step by step instructions showing you how to prepare the area with expert advice.

If you require further information you can download our brochure which has all the information you require on from How to measure your area, soil types, soil preparation and watering.
There is also a yearly calendar guide to help you monitor when to fertilise your lawn.

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Stage One: Preparing The Site

Stage Two: Laying The Lawn

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