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Taking Care of New Lawn

Now that your new lawn is laid and looking amazing, it’s time to make sure it stays the envy of the street. Our experienced staff have put together a few tips and guides on residential lawn care to help you care for and maintain your new lawn, keeping it in prime condition all year round.
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After your lawn has been laid it is important to water it within 1/2 hour of the first roll being laid. To establish whether it has been watered sufficiently, pull back a corner of the lawn and see if the water has penetrated at least 25mm into the soil. Repeat this watering process the next day.

Watering can be reduced to every 2nd- 3rd day over a 3 week period during the warmer months of the year. During the cooler months, watering can be lessened to every 3rd-4th day over a 2-3 week period. (Watering requirements vary during seasonal changes of the year.) Moisture can also be monitored by poking your finger approximately 25mm into the soil to determine whether it is moist or dry. This will help as an indicator as to whether the Turf has adequate moisture for its establishment.

DO NOT over water your Lawn! This may lead to root rot and may kill your new lawn. Ideal watering times are during the evening or late afternoon, as it will minimise evaporation and retain the water within the root system.

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