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Shade Master’s Soft-Leaf Buffalo has an average water usage requirement, but isn’t as drought tolerant as some of the other varieties of buffalo out there. Its durability is good, with the thick grass providing people and pets with a soft surface to walk and rest on. It also shows great recovery to damage throughout the year. Its maintenance remains low like all Buffo grass, and due to its thickness and high matt, weeds are prevented from growing through.

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Soft-Leaf Buffalo Grass Overview

Shade Tolerance




Mowing Frequency

Less Frequent

Disease Resistance


Drought Tolerance


During the winter months, this grass will develop a purple colour on the blade heads; however this will vanish quickly during spring once the weather heats back up again.

Similar to the Matilda Buffalo, Shade Master Soft-Leaf Buffalo would be an ideal choice for family lawns, high traffic areas like roadsides and alongside garden beds due to its non-invasive properties. This particular lawn provides great value for money, and while its drought tolerance is not as good as some of the newer Buffalo varieties, it is still a favourite amongst many of our customers.

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