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Watering and Mowing

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Watering Your New Lawn

Congratulations on your new lawn! Here are some tips on the important first weeks of caring for your lawn, to ensure you get the best results from your investment.

Immediately Laid

Soak the area completely with water for approximately one hour.

First Week

Water your lawn in the evening for approximately 20 minutes each day.

Second And Third Weeks

Water your lawn every second day, as above.


As a general rule, during the first year of laying your lawn we recommend watering your lawn every 2-4 days in the warmer months and 3-5 days in the cooler months. Monitor the moisture level by poking your finger 25mm into the soil to determine whether the soil is moist or dry. Your Lawn is a living thing and needs water to survive. Your lawn is a great natural insulator. A healthy lawn will reduce the temperature around your house in the summer months.

Watering Lawn

Remember, it is important to give your lawn a thorough soak in the first few weeks of growing to ensure a deep root system develops.

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Mowing Your New Lawn

You can mow your new Lawn 4 -6 weeks after laying, or once your root system has latched firmly into the soil. Never Mow your new Lawn too low as you can scalp the lawn leaving it weak and struggling to re- strengthen.

Mowing New Lawn

Your new lawn will generally need mowing 4-6 weeks after installation. During the establishment phase, the general rule to follow is never to mow more than 10-15 mm off the blade of the leaf.

Ongoing Mowing

For healthy, well-groomed lawns mow your lawn when the grass reaches 6cm in height.

Lawn Mowing Tips

Be sure to remove grass clippings from your lawns after mowing to prevent suffocating and killing your lawn. When mowing long lawns, mow the lawn in two stages, rather than attempting to cut the lawn short the first mow.

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