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We also cover Newcastle, Maitland, Central Coast & Wollongong areas.

Welcome to A View Turf, Australia’s leading turf supplies in Sydney, of high quality, Aussie turf. If you’d like to rejuvenate your lawn or garden area, then you have found the right Turf suppliers.

We offer a large variety of premium Lawns, from the resilient Matilda Lawn, our low-maintenance, soft to touch, ever green, pet & child friendly Soft-Leaf Buffalo to varieties that cope with all types of soil conditions and your lifestyle Sydney wide.

​With so much variety, we are confident in the fact that we will have the perfect turf to suit your taste and requirements. So, if you need something that is pet-friendly, drought-tolerant, or holds its colour all year-round, you’ll be certain to find it right here with us.

Our Turf Varieties

Matilda Lawn​

Matilda lawns are frequently used in residential gardens, commercial premises and council spaces for its easy care, pet-friendly resilience, drought tolerance and evergreen colour.


We have all the answers you need when it comes to measuring and preparing your yard. Let us help you get the job done right.

Soft-leaf Buffalo Grass

Shade Master’s Soft-Leaf Buffalo has an average water usage requirement but isn’t as drought tolerant as some of the other varieties of buffalo out there.

Sydney Buffalo

A medium to broad leaf Buffalo that has a good drought tolerance but isn’t as drought tolerant as some of the other varieties of buffalo out there. Its durability is high which provides families and pets with a soft surface to enjoy and relax.


Originally native to the highlands of East Africa, Kikuyu turf is now neutralised in many coastal regions of Australia. It grows very vigorously and for this reason, it one of the most durable lawns around, tolerating long dry patches.

Winter Green Couch

Wintergreen Couch is full sun tolerant, durable to weather. It will not tolerate high traffic areas. It is less ideal for around a home as it is a higher maintenance Lawn.

Why Should You Buy From A View Turf?

Turf Suppliers Sydney

High Quality Turf

A View Turf are the experts in Quality, Service and Advice. Servicing Sydney and working close with Landscapers and having the experience, knowledge & understanding of the different soil types and conditions allows us to help you get the right Turf for your job.

Palmetto Buffalo Grass

Great Range Of Turf

With such a large variety of Turf available, it can be confusing what is the right choice of Turf to suit any condition. These conditions include Sun & shade %, Traffic conditions, Use of the area and your soil type. This will factor in how well your Lawn will perform and cope.
Kenda Kikuyu

Professional Advice & Service

Our highly trained, professional and friendly staff can help you answer all your questions and get the right advice to get the job done right.

Try Our Hassle-Free Lawn Laying Service

At A View Turf Supplies, we also take great pride in offering our customers a painless process. You can use the online quote feature on our website for a fast and easy solution to your needs.

Or of course, if you would rather speak to a member of our team, then please do not hesitate to call at your convenience.

Once we’ve identified your desired turf and the size of the space that needs covering, we’ll get to work. We Guarantee a fresh and healthy Lawn, to be installed at your home every time.

Following that, our friendly and professional team of turf supplies experts can carefully lay the turf onto your lawn area, leaving a seamless expanse of emerald green grass.

We’re fast, clean and considerate—and guarantee a professional service in Sydney, Newscastle, Maitland, Central Coast & Wollongong, from start to finish.

Benefit From Our Industry Expert Advice

A Professional Hand To Guide You

We appreciate that to most people, turf is turf—so it can be difficult to differentiate between the various varieties available.
So, give us a call and let us know what it is that you’re looking for.

Do you need a lawn that can withstand heavy wear and tear? Perhaps you have young children and pets who love to run around in the garden, making a mess—in which case you will need a stronger and durable turf that will maintain its aesthetic appearance despite regular use.

Perhaps the children have flown the nest and you’re simply after a lawn that requires very little maintenance at all and will hold its rich colour? Whatever the case, simply contact us today. Our friendly team of professional advisors will be able to identify the perfect variety for you.

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Make An Exceptional First Impression

Your lawn is the first thing that people notice when coming to visit you at your home, which is why it is so important to treat it with care. Something as seemingly minor as re-turfing the space can transform it from an otherwise worn & weathered patch of off-green, to a rich and colourful lawn that you can be proud of.

DIY Turf Guide

For those of you who like to get your hands dirty and would prefer to turf your lawn personally, feel free to check out our DIY turf guide.


Premium Quality Australian Turf

In any case, when dealing with A-View Turf, you’ll be entirely pleased with our premium quality Australian turf, and our thorough and professional service.

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