What is Buffalo Grass?

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What is buffalo grass

A View Turf is the trusted suppliers of high-quality northern beaches turf prices, lawn and grass varieties to Sydney for projects of all scales from small domestic and residential lawns to large commercial landscaping projects. Buffalo grass is the turf variety that has stood the test of time as it has been used for lawns and pastures in Australia for over 180 years now. “According to a 1998 article by James A. Quinn in the Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society, buffalo grass also has potential in New Jersey as a ‘drought-tolerant, low-maintenance, short-stature turf’, especially with global warming and increased frequency of water use restrictions.” In addition, you want to keep the soil moist for the first 30 days, but without overwatering; to accomplish that, water two to three times each day.

Buffalo grass is a predominant native grass coverage that is planted in the midwest for its ability to withstand drought and colder weather conditions and has a beautiful growth and has held the plains intact for centuries. It is the turf of choice for most Australian conditions and features outstanding drought and shade tolerance, and weed, disease, and wear and tear resistance – $11.00 per square meter. In fact, this type of northern beaches buffalo grass prices is even ideal for potential drought conditions; it is one of the best choices for these conditions actually.

Northern Beaches buffalo turf is known for being more versatile than some other types of grasses because it has superior winter hardiness. Planting a new buffalo lawn at different times of the year will also impact the amount of lawn care provided including such points as watering the lawn regularly during its establishment period, therefore the main problem for planting a new buffalo lawn in summer is that we must be able to water the new lawn several times a day during the peak heat periods. In reality, the hotter the weather the more we need to water the new buffalo lawn every day until it’s established. Here are some wonderful examples of native plants currently in bloom on Sydney’s northern beaches buffalo turf prices which would look glorious in your garden (if you live around here). Buffalo grass will provide a good quality turf with up to 1 pound per 1,000 square feet of nitrogen annually.

When you choose the grass that will work best with your climate and other determining factors, you will soon realize having a lawn that looks lush and green will look great no matter which grass type it is. A View Turf care guide has more tips on making your lawn look great and how to maintain it.



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