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What Lawn Do I Have?

Wondering what lawn would be perfect for your garden?

Lawns are very amazing it enhances to make our home more beautiful. The best way to buy lawns on the market is in A View Turf they optimised what would be perfect for your home. Northern Beaches turf is really sincere with their services they installed a lawn that healthy and will last.

So, when do you start? Now is a perfect time just follow the basic tips on how to get a perfect lawn. On this page, you will learn the four required to get a perfect lawn.

Tips Getting A Perfect Lawn

Feed the grass

The lawn is like human beings that are also need to feed. Their types of feedings are called “fertiliser” which helps your lawn grow healthy. It can be manageable, following instructions on how to get a perfect lawn is also a secret ingredient to make it more stunning.

Make it sure you are following the rules in the right way if you doubt you may visit North Shore turf suppliers to have rescue on how to do it properly they expertise company lawn in Australia.

Know when to mow

Mowing usually cannot be done if lawns are wet. It is good for a dry lawn to gives more active growing and healthy.


If your lawn is grower above 8cm you will need to cut and it helps to remove dead grass. Sacrificing your lawn may promote healthier growth in the future.

When to water

The best time to give water on your lawn is every morning rather in the nighttime. Do not take your lawn to water at night because it develops or can be open to any lawn diseases such as Pythium blight, Large patch, Summer patch, Brown patch, Pink snow mould and many more.

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