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Whether your project is big or small, A View Turf can help. We have the turf supplies in Parklea that you need to enhance the strength, beauty, and value of your lawn. Our turf is easy to care for, drought tolerant, and comfortable for pets and children to walk on.

Choose from six unique turf varieties based on your lawn requirements. These include four varieties of buffalo grass, along with kikuyu and winter green couch grass. Unsure which one is right for you? Talk to one of our friendly, knowledgeable consultants. They’ll be happy to listen, answer questions, and recommend the best turf for the job.

Receiving quality products from A View Turf is easy. You can pick up from our local form – or we can come to you! We freshly cut and pre-fertilise your turf on the day you receive it, so it will fit your lawn perfectly and thrive effortlessly. We can even install a brand-new water irrigation system for you.

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Turf Varieties
Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass

Turf for All Settings, All Seasons

Choosing the right turf variety can be tricky. That’s because the right choice depends on a variety of factors: shade and sunlight, foot traffic, soil health, climate, and desired level of maintenance. To help you out, here is a brief rundown on the different turf supplies in Parklea that we offer.

  • Matilda Lawn

A great general-purpose lawn for residential, commercial, and local council spaces. Matilda buffalo is child- and pet-friendly, easy to care for, drought tolerant, and it produces a vibrant evergreen colour.

  • Palmetto

Suitable for use in full sun areas including parks, ovals, and large backyards. During winter, the grass discolours but then regains it in spring.

  • Soft-Leaf Buffalo Grass

Although less drought tolerant than other buffalo varieties, soft leaf has high durability and shows great recovery from damage. The thick texture also provides a comfortable walking surface, especially for children and pets.

  • Sydney Buffalo

A soft, durable buffalo great that is easy to care for and recovers quickly from damage. The thick texture helps prevent weeds from growing through and it is suitable for medium-to-high shaded areas.

  • Kikuyu

Grows very vigorously, making it one of the most durable turf varieties around. Best suited for areas with full sun, particularly commercial spaces, schools, and sporting fields.

  • Winter Green Couch

Excellent full sun tolerance, with a dense texture making it highly resistant to weed invasion and general wear. Frequently used on sporting fields, schools, golf courses, and recreation areas.

Professional Delivery and Turf Laying

Professional turf laying saves you time and hassle while giving you the assurance that your new turf will be strong, healthy, and vibrant. 

On a convenient day and time, the A View Turf team will deliver your turf – pre-cut, pre-fertilised, ready to lay down – in pristine condition. Please note: the forklift will require at least 1.6m width to access your outdoor space. Then, the team will prepare the surface, removing any debris and obstructions as well as levelling the surface, and carefully lay down the turf. 

At your request, the team can also install a new irrigation system. This will enable you to efficiently water every surface area of your lawn at a consistent rate, eliminating the risk of brown patches or dead spots.

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