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Laying new turf is a great way to invite new people, new experiences, and new memories to your outdoor space. It turns what may have been an ignored, unused space into something else; the place to go for a stroll, play a game of catch, laze the day away, and do whatever strikes your fancy. 

Supplying turf supplies to Kenthurst for over 25 years, A View Turf is committed to enhancing the beauty and value of your home, business, and local council space. How? With your choice of six locally produced and eco-friendly turf varieties, including Matilda, Palmetto, Soft-Leaf, and Sydney Buffalo, as well as Kikuyu and Winter Green Couch. And with your choice of a professional delivery and turf laying service or local pick up. This way, you receive the perfect turf for your lawn – and on your terms too.

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Turf Varieties

Choosing the right turf is vital to a thriving and visually stunning lawn. Important growing factors include your location, soil type, sun tolerance, shade exposure, drought resilience, foot traffic, and desired level of maintenance. The team at A View Turf will assess your needs and help you place an order with confidence.

Below are the turf supplies in Kenthurst we can provide for you:

  • Matilda Lawn – Popular for its soft, plush texture and low-maintenance requirements, this buffalo grass is the perfect all-rounder turf for homes, businesses, and local council spaces.
  • Palmetto – During winter, the Palmetto grass blades turn a distinct shade of purple. It also performs well in full sun and has good winter growth.
  • Soft-Leaf Buffalo – This thick, luscious grass provides a soft and comfortable surface to walk and rest on. It also recovers easily from damage through all seasons.
  • Sydney Buffalo – A medium-to-broad leaf grass that is has durability but low maintenance requirements. The thick texture helps prevent weed growth, too.
  • Kikuyu – Once native to East Africa, Kikuyu is now prominent in Australian coastal regions. It grows rather quickly and fully, which makes it a bit higher maintenance but also one of the most durable lawns out there.
  • Winter Green Couch – Ideal for full sun areas, the lush green blades on this grass make it very gentle and soft to touch. It is also very hard wearing and can withstand long periods of dry weather.

Professional Delivery, Site Preparation, and Turf Laying

On a day and time that suits you, the team at A View Turf can deliver* turf to your home, business, or local council space. They will then prepare the site, removing the existing turf and covering the area with new topsoil, spread evenly for a smooth, consistent finish. Then, the turf is laid down and rolled firmly, to remove air pockets and help the roots connect with the soil. Once the job is done, the team will clean up the area, so the space is ready to use.

Alternatively, the team can just deliver the turf to your site.  Or you can arrange for pick up at our farm. We are conveniently located in Ebenezer Wharf Road, Wilberforce, and open Monday to Friday (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM) and Saturday (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM).

*Our forklift requires at least 1.6m width to access your site.

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For over 25 years, A View Turf has been proudly providing turf supplies in Kenthurst. Here are four reasons why residents love our high-quality turf and friendly service:

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