On the Fence? Why You Should Lay Sod Instead of Growing Grass Yourself

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Does your yard resemble a mud pit more than a lush, green lawn? If you inherited an ugly yard from a previous owner or simply let your yard go, you can find an easy way to fix it.

In the past, homeowners had to wait weeks or even months to revive their lawns using outdated seeding methods. With modern technology and landscaping companies, you can get green grass in an afternoon with pre-grown sod.

If you feel uncertain about whether to lay seed yourself or install sod, look over this list of reasons why sod is the best choice for many property owners.

The Benefits of Laying Sod

Faster Results – With typical seeding techniques, you must wait weeks for grass seeds to sprout. After that, it takes months for seeds to grow into a lawn that you can walk on. On the other hand, you can walk and play on sod almost immediately. You avoid that awkward growing phase when you choose sod. Get a thriving lawn faster and hire professionals to lay turf for you.

No Unsightly Straw – Did you know that seeded lawn requires a layer of straw to keep seed from moving about? If you choose to seed your lawn, you have to live with a straw-covered yard for weeks.

Uniform Look – Choose sod for its precise, uniform look. Laid sod ensures a perfectly covered lawn without the risk of patchiness that seeded grass has. You can achieve a manicured and lush lawn overnight instead of an uneven and inconsistent lawn over time.

Weed Reduction – Put down sod in your front and back lawn to reduce the risk of pesky weeds. The thick layer kills any existing weeds. How? Carpet-like sod acts much like gardening tarp, so it blocks out sunlight to choke unwanted plants into submission.

No Fertiliser – Cuts of turf come pre-fertilized, which means you can skip fertilising your lawn for the first season. With grass seed, you would have to fertilise at least once a week. Say goodbye to stinky, messy fertiliser for the next few months, and say hello to a happy yard.

Water Conservation – While both lawn beautification techniques require more water than usual in the beginning, sod requires much less water than seed. You may have to water a seeded lawn up to four times per day, but sod cuts that in half with two watering sessions per day. Since seed takes months to grow into a respectable lawn, you will conserve a large amount of water and money when you choose sod.

No Re-seeding – When you go with prepared sod, you won’t have to worry about the possible need for re-seeding. Poor germination or heavy rain may require you to reseed your lawn multiple times to get the same grass density that sod provides.

Professional Care – Sod providers and installers hold a wealth of knowledge concerning the best grass choice for your climate, soil type, and lifestyle. When you hire a company to install sod, you also receive soil testing services. A technician can test soil pH and acidity and then recommend fixes to balance your soil’s nutrient level. They will also help you choose the right variety of grass for your needs.



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