Are You Wiling to Pay The 4 Hidden Costs of Cheap Lawn?

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Picture this…

You back out of your driveway on the way to another day in the office. You check your mirrors and there it is again, a brown, patchy poor-excuse for a lawn staring you in the face.

You can’t ignore it, you can’t escape it… your front lawn is a farce!

Unfortunately, this situation is more common than you think.

So many people build a great house, with all the “bells ‘n whistles” but decide to cut costs on their lawn. After all, how much difference can a bit of grass really make? If it looks good surely it’s a no brainer… isn’t it?

Well, the truth is the lawn you choose can make a huge difference to both the aesthetics and maintenance of your home.

So, before getting trapped by the hidden costs that are often “rolled up” in cheap and nasty lawns, here are just some of the things you should be aware of before choosing a cheap lawn:

1. More Frequent Mowing (You Can Forget Your Weekend Plans)

The time and monetary costs that come with mowing and maintaining a cheap lawn can be downright daunting.

You have to mow a cheaper variety of lawn 3 times more than a quality turf such as a CouchKikuyu or Buffalo breed.

More mowing also means more clippings, and more clippings can mean suffocation for your lawn if they’re not removed.

Add to that the costs for mower fuel and maintenance and, all of a sudden, the grass is not looking so green on the cheap side of town.

2. Low Tolerance to Wear and Tear (If You’ve Got Kids or Pets… Beware)

Wear – A cheap lawn can be characterised by its thin and weak appearance. The lawn will struggle with the kids playing on it and its tolerance to wear will be low.

Shade – Cheap lawns need more sunlight and do not do well when covered by shade. A higher quality turf like a Buffalo or Nara Native breed will maintain a lush green all year round.

Disease – A cheap lawn with thin and weak characteristics is obviously more susceptible to disease. Once your lawn shows signs of disease you will need to spend money to treat it.

3. High Maintenance (Yes…. On Top Of Frequent Mowing)

Cheaper lawns have a range of hidden maintenance costs that are much higher compared to a quality turf… and we’re not just talking about mowing.

Watering – Cheap lawns require daily care and watering sending you water bill sky high. A quality lawn will only require watering every second or third day, which will slash your water bill by more than half.

Fertilising – A normal fertilising routine for a quality lawn is twice a year. A high quality Nara Native only requires fertilising once a year.

A cheap lawn is more susceptible to stress, wear and weeds meaning you will need to fertilise and treat more often to maintain a healthy lawn.

Infestation and Disease – A cheap lawn with a loose and weak root system is less resistant to weeds and more susceptible to infestation and disease. If you opt for cheap and nasty, it’s only a matter of time before you fall prey to an African Black Worm or Armyworm infestation (both are heavy hits to your lawn AND your wallet).

4. Premium Delivery Costs

Ok, so you’ve found a company that’s selling a premium turf variety at a very low price. Great! It must be full steam ahead.

Well, not so fast.

If a turf company is selling lawn at a seriously reduced price it is most likely that they’re making up for it somewhere else, whether that be through high delivery prices or some other hidden cost.

Be sure to inquire about the total cost of the lawn product you are purchasing including delivery and handling fees. If it still seems like a great deal, go for it!

Ok, so there you have it. The quick and simple guide to cheap lawn and it’s hidden costs.

Unless you enjoy patchy, temperamental lawn and mowing every weekend, do yourself a favour and invest in a high quality turf. It will save you time and money in the long run and reward you with a lush green lawn that you can be proud of (and make use of) all year round… The neighbours will be green with envy!



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