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Six farm fresh varieties. Local pickup or delivery. Professional turf laying.

Laying down fresh turf is, put simply, a fantastic way to breathe new life into your outdoor space. It creates new opportunities for folks to hang out in the open air. And it helps add a touch of street appeal to your home, business, or council space.

However, choosing the right turf supplies in Baulkham Hills can be tough. So can deciding whether to go DIY, or let the experts do the heavy lifting. The good news? That’s where A View Turf can help.

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Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass

Farm Fresh Turf Supplies

At A View Turf, you can choose from six unique turf varieties, including buffalo, matilda, and kikuyu grass. 

Each turf variety is grown on the farm in Wilberforce, cut fresh and pre-fertilised to ensure that it fits your lawn and thrives from Day 1. For your convenience, you can arrange local pick up or delivery to your address via a free forklift service (entry must be at least 1.6 wide for forklift access).

Unsure which turf variety to pick? Talk to the experts. Your consultant will gladly assess your needs and recommend a custom solution for you. You will also receive professional lawn care tips, ensuring your lawn enjoys a long, healthy, and happy life.

For a free price estimate on turf supplies in Baulkham Hills, get a quote from A View Turf.

Six Unique Turf Varieties for All Seasons

The right turf variety for your lawn will depend on many contributing factors. The amount of sun and shade the area receives, soil quality, foot traffic, climate, and desired amount of maintenance. Here is a quick breakdown of the different turf varieties we offer you:

Matilda Law

A casual, low-maintenance lawn frequently used in residential, commercial, and council areas. Aside from being child- and pet-friendly, it is also drought tolerant and produces a delightful evergreen colour.


Performs well in full sun and shaded areas, although it requires at least 2 to 4 hours of sunlight per day. Has strong winter growth, temporarily losing colour in the colder months before regaining its lustre in spring.

Soft-Leaf Buffalo Grass

Less drought tolerant than other buffalo grass and has an average water usage requirement. Strong durability, with thick grass that provides a soft surface for pets and children to walk on. Also recovers quickly from damage.

Sydney Buffalo

Medium to broad leaf buffalo with high durability and a soft surface for pets and children. The thick, tight texture helps prevent weeds from growing through.


One of the most durable lawns around but does require a bit more maintenance than other turf varieties. High drought tolerance with zero shade tolerance. Requires full sun all year round.

Winter Green Couch

Commonly used for bowling greens, residential lawns, and recreation areas. Provides excellent drought tolerance and is suitable for full sun exposure.

Local Pickup and Professional Turf Laying

On a convenient day and time, you can pick up your turf direct from our farm in Wilberforce. Simply order online or call us. Your turf will be cut fresh and pre-fertilised on the day, ready to pick up and lay down.

Don’t have the time or inclination to lay down your own turf supplies in Baulkham Hills? Let the experts do the heavy lifting.

A View Turf delivers across Baulkham Hills and the surrounding suburbs. Upon arrival, the team will assess the site and prepare the surface, removing debris and obstructions as well as levelling out the surface. After laying the turf, the team will water the turf and – if requested – install a new irrigation system for you.

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