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The appearance of your lawn has a profound effect on how people see your home, business, and council space. That is why laying down new turf – that is visually stunning, gentle to touch, and easy to care for – is a fantastic way to impress your friends, family, staff, customers, and the public. Plus, you will create a space that people (of all ages) can enjoy throughout the year. What could be better?

Transform your lawn into the outdoor space of your dreams with turf supplies in Annangrove. Choose from six beautiful and durable turf varieties, including Matilda Lawn, Palmetto, Soft-Leaf Buffalo Grass, Sydney Buffalo, Kikuyu, and Winter Green Couch. Each turf variety is produced locally on the farm under strict, environmentally friendly conditions, recycling water from the irrigation system to minimise waste. 

All turf supplies are suitable for professional delivery (at least 1.6m width required for forklift access), site preparation, and turf laying. You can also pick up from the farm. Feel free to pay online or over the phone with Mastercard, Visa, or cash.

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Turf Varieties

Your choice of turf will depend on your soil, sun tolerance, shade exposure, foot traffic, and preferred maintenance. The team at A View Turf will assess your needs and help you choose the perfect turf for your lawn. You will also receive valuable DIY care tips, maximising the lifespan (and your enjoyment) of your turf.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the turf varieties on offer for you:

  • Matilda Lawn – A wonderful general purpose-turf, with low water requirements and full sun or shade tolerance.
  • Palmetto – Requires less mowing than other Buffalo grass. Recommended for up to 65% shade in areas with low wear, and up to 45% shade in areas with moderate to high wear.
  • Soft-Leaf Buffalo Grass – A thick, highly durable turf (to help prevent weed growth) with a soft surface to walk, rest, and play on. Traces of purple can be seen during winter.
  • Sydney Buffalo – A medium-to-bread leaf buffalo grass. Has an excellent recovery rate after excessive use. Contains traces of purple during winter.
  • Kikuyu – One of the most durable turfs around, able to tolerate high traffic and long dry patches of weather.
  • Winter Green Couch – Best suited for large, full sun areas. Less durable than gentle than other turf varieties but has excellent drought tolerance.

Professional Delivery and Turf Laying

Save time and effort with a professional turf laying service. Simply place your order online or over the phone, then arrange a suitable day and time for delivery. The team at A View Turf will deliver your turf, prepare the site, and expertly lie it down for you. 

Rest assured, your turf will be made to measure (your exact lawn dimensions) and thrive in your unique soil conditions; ensuring the roots connect with the soil, eliminating air pockets and unevenness for a smooth, consistent finish. After laying down the turf, the team will clean up the area, so you can enjoy it once it’s ready.

You can also arrange for only delivery or pick up. The A View Turf farm is conveniently located in Ebenezer Wharf Road, Wilberforce, and is open Monday to Friday (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM) and Saturday (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM).

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For over 25 years, A View Turf has been providing beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance turf supplies to Annangrove and the surrounding suburbs.

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