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Kinda Kikuyu Lawn

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This Australian bred Kenda Kikuyu lawn is proving very promising in common usage, as it holds superior green winter colour, including areas where frosts and cold winters can cause many lawns to brown off. Kenda holds a deeper winter colour than common Kikuyu and other grasses including couch, some Buffalos and Zoysia.

Kenda is a warm season turf with a medium broadleaf, which has a vigorous growth rate, making it an attractive hard wearing turf surface suitable for schools, sports fields, commercial and semi-arid areas and home lawns.

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Why Choose Kenda Kikuyu Lawn

Kenda Kikuyu Lawn Sydney
Good for erosion control. Kenda will thrive in full sun and maintain a healthy appearance. Poor and sparse growth will occur in shady areas. Kenda will perform well under heavy traffic conditions. It will regenerate rapidly when damaged by sending out runners to repair worn scalped areas.

Kenda Kikuyu Lawn Overview

Shade Tolerance




Mowing Frequency


Disease Resistance


Drought Tolerance




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